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It has the PowerDrive circuit on it. The amplifier is a two-stage design with a single 12AT7 serving as the input stage to both channels and a pair of EL34/6L6/6550/KT88 type tubes for output. n The design has matured into a sweet sounding 2 watt SE amp. Best electrolytic capacitors: Parts 1,588: 32 mins:. The Tubelab SPP (Simple Push-Pull) board was designed from the ground up as an easy to build amplifier kit, without compromising performance. Our plugin inclues 5 custom templates, we’ve also created a great system so you can create your own templates for Tubelab! The Tubelab web site has become a bit (OK a lot) disorganized. · Seems like you&39;re talking about the Tubelab SSE witch is present in my photobucket library, if that&39;s the case, yes the OPT are Edcor (CXSE25-8-5K) the Power tranny is a Hammond 374BX (good transformer but tend to heat up.

I&39;m currently using a Rega Planar 3 turntable with an Ortofon OM5E cartridge rated at 4mV output. To many people&39;s amazement they usually work. This goes for simple tube amps, and complex things like cell phones or two-way radios. There is nearly always an active thread about Tubelab amplifiers under construction. & Tools 3: 53 mins: as_audio: FS Brand New Fostex FE126En drivers and more. Design & Build - Parts - Equipment & Tools - Construction Tips.

There is no C4 through C9 and no C13 through C19 in this design. The following guidelines should be taken into account: The free shipping option allows TubeDepot to choose the most appropriate carrier and service. 53X) with Dual TC9FDs: Full Range 4,007: 46 mins: sthcoaster: Bigbottle Phonostage Builders thread. I don’t ever expect to have to replace this dial cord. MGL_YouTubeResponseException: 403: MGL Youtube: Projecthas been scheduled for deletion and cannot be used for API calls. Looking forward to hearing that circuit with some 300B&39;s and Electraprint transformers I have.

I&39;ve put together my build so far in this specific thead rather than a bitty one in my systems thread. · Sonic Craft capacitor. My build deviated from the parts list some, since it was an early kit made up of parts George had on-hand before he came up with the official parts list. Best electrolytic capacitors: Parts 1,582: 7 mins: SinGun: RST28F and DC130A Foamcore Homage to LS3/5A:. This board (in the amp shown below) can be used to build a complete SE amplifier, including the power supply. · Tube Amp Project: Tubelab Simple SE My first single-ended tube amp. In this design the coupling caps work into http designs tubelab-se manual capacitors an almost purely resistive load.

It uses DC filaments and fixed bias. George is quite the guy and has done quite a lot of experimenting and designing with tubes. & Tools 3: 43 mins: as_audio: FS Brand New Fostex FE126En drivers and more. It is probably why I still have my job, but unfortunately those skills don&39;t extend to web design, software, or even simple organizational skills. That project is known as the Tubelab SE Board.

I built my 45 tube amplifier after reading what George Anderson of Tubelab. For example, in a LSA/HPA project that I just finished, I used both 30µF Dayton and Jantzen Audio Superior Z-Cap coupling capacitors. These capacitors are designed with tube amplifiers in mind; each capacitor is rated at 105°C. Tubelab 300b SE tube amplifier build thread.

Most leaded capacitors have long leads, but some leaded capacitors are furnished with short leads to facilitate their use in automated PC board assembly machines. Swap Meet 8: 54 mins: Jeffrey 01: Mini Karlsonator (0. It has been developed as a high-quality technical alternative to high-voltage electrolytic capacitors and is thus ideally suited to use in tube amplifiers power supplies. Tubelab_com: Differential Scope Probe/Adapter: Equip. My latest Tubelab SE glows in dim light. Capacitor Installation (top side assembly) I installed the capacitors in http this board without the tube sockets in place.

This design has been committed to a PC board for reliable and easy construction. Built in templates and easy customization. Below is what he has to say about the 45 tube in his amplifier design. Discussion and support of Tubelab products,.

The only dial cord in the receiver is for the bandspread ganged capacitor and is a metal cable. Display videos, playlists, channels from YouTube with TubeLab. How was this photo taken?

Tubelab breadboard of the SE845, prototype PowerDrive circuit is mounted to the heat sink behind the tubesUpdateA new power supply was designed to give this amp what it really wants, more voltage. Every capacitor has its positive and negative attributes. com had to say about the 45 tube in his design. Gather up all of the capacitors, the checklist, some tools, and lets do it. It is still an important capacitor and a low quality capacitor will still have a detrimental effect on the sound.

Turn off the room lights. The advantages over electrolytic capacitors are:. Qualified orders over will ship to you without incurring a shipping fee. The fourth (and final) design is the Tubelab SE amplifier, which now http designs tubelab-se manual capacitors has its own page.

Swap Meet 8: 44 mins: Jeffrey 01: Mini Karlsonator (0. The tuning is very precise and incredibly smooth. Any of these are suitable for use in the SPP.

C9 and C11 are the coupling caps. com Show more Show less. Usually I keep the breadboard design intact until the final design is done, but the transformers will be mounted to the chassis soon. Designs Tubelab SPP Assembly Manual Getting Started Resistors Tube Sockets Connectors Capacitors Semiconductors Schematic Parts List Tubes and Applications Tubelab SSE Assembly Manual Getting Started Resistors Tube Sockets Capacitors Semiconductors Connectors Wiring Diagrams Checkout Enclosures Schematic Parts List Tubes and Applications Design Simulations Tubelab SE Assembly Manual Getting.

I may consider the elekit instead for now as I’m at the chassis stage and really don’t enjoy that part of diy. Lightbox, embed and direct mode. View the electric field, and measure the voltage. With the power supply off and disconnected, http designs tubelab-se manual capacitors measure the DC resistance between terminal block pins 5 and 7.

Mod® Electronics electrolytic capacitors provide builders with quality capacitors that offer long-lasting performance at the highest degree. I chose 450V, which is as high as I can safely go with the 500V capacitors. Change the size of tubelab-se the http designs tubelab-se manual capacitors plates and the distance between them. Connect a charged capacitor to a light bulb and observe a discharging RC circuit.

Fun stuff to read. Here&39;s the Tubelab SE schematic, incase it affects your suggestions. The amplifier was designed as a no compromises amplifier. For now I can still manual check in to the diyAudio vacuum tube forum at lunch and after 5PM from work. I calculated the resistance and they are. . This requires setting the bias current when the amplifier is built, and every time the tubes are changed.

Explore how a capacitor works! Swap Meet 8: 55 mins: Jeffrey 01: Mini Karlsonator (0. The Tubelab SE board was designed originally for me to use in building the Tubelab SE amplifiers that I have been selling since. The rotary switch is a 3-pos, 4-pol design, which effectively allows us to give each of the four coupling capacitors its own three-position switch, as the schematic below shows. Or a datasheet with the connector pinout.

53X) with Dual TC9FDs: Full Range 4,007: 56 mins: sthcoaster: Bigbottle Phonostage Builders thread. So, the design I went with belongs to George Anderson of Tubelab in the USA. Mostly capacitor values. I&39;d like to remove that volume control so that the 4S acts as sole volume control. This makes the coupling capacitors far less critical than they are in a conventional amplifier design.

I love my SE 45 tube amplifier as I am sure that others on this forum that do too. Pretty much anything that is pin-compatible with these will work with some minor tweaks. This temperature rating provides a highly-stable capacitance in any device, be it vacuum tube or solid state. Capacitor Installation (top side assembly) Install C1 as shown. Quanghao Audio Design is a producer of DIY Audiophile Kits and PCB. Always on the outlook for good-sounding coupling capacitors, I recently bought pairs of capacitors from Jantzen Audio (their Superior Z-Cap series), Audyn-Cap (their Plus series), several Japanese polypropylene capacitors, and Cornell Dubilier&39;s 940C series 1µF/1kV capacitors.

Analog Srce 660: 59 mins: Ryssen: Telltale signs of failing. Change the voltage and see charges build up on the plates. At this time the complete stereo amplifier including power supply has been implemented on a single PC board.

I presently have a breadboarded version of the tubelab se with 300b’s and was curious if you built this amp and how you would compare it to the elekit tu-8600. ak I attached the photo. The amp currently has a 50K volume control in the position between the input jack and the 121K resistor that goes to ground before the grid of the input tube. George is a well respected tube designer on a technical forum. Performance figures are shown in Australian dollar (AUD).

Tubelab email access is forbidden at work, and lately I have been at work until late almost every weekday. His Tubelab SE would be a fun board to get too, especially if you&39;re into DHT&39;s. The Simple SE design is very versatile in terms of what output tubes can be used. The SX-100 has SSB capability and seems to work quite well.

Pretty much anything that is pin-compatible with the EL34/6L6/KT88 family of tubes will work, as long as they can handle whatever B+ voltage you choose to run. Make sure that the negative side is closest to the edge of the board. The Edcor are superb, no noise whatsoever, just great overall response, big bass. I&39;m looking to build a tube phono preamplifier (first time) for a recently completed Tubelab SE 300B, and would like some recommendations for kits or schematics. . The difference (in performance and cost) is determined primarily by the transformers, the tubes, and. The rest of the PCB went together per the instructions. 53X) with Dual TC9FDs: Full Range 4,007: 57 mins: sthcoaster: Bigbottle Phonostage Builders thread.

· The Main and Bandspread tuning are gear driven with flywheels. Demonstrations related to Tubelab products, prototypes, experiments, anything related to vacuum tubes, and any other video that I think is cool. - Quanghao Audio Design - Tubelab - Vendor&39;s Bazaar. & Tools 3: 54 mins: as_audio: FS Brand New Fostex FE126En designs drivers and more. by Jeff Glowacki.

This video talks about the design and build process for this amp, which is built around the Tubelab Simple SE (now SSE) PCB. This PC board can be used to build push pull amplifiers of a widely varying price and performance level. Analog Srce 660: 48 mins: Ryssen: Telltale signs of failing.

Please post a photo of the power supply connector block showing the labels.

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